Adam Faucett – “It Took The Shape Of A Bird” – Album Review

I write about music so much, some articles seem to write themselves. Sharing my feelings on a release is theoretically pretty simple: listen, absorb, then share. But every now and comes an album that stops me in my tracks. One where I’m at a complete loss on just how I want or need to express myself. Such is the case with It Took Shape Of A Bird, the latest album from Adam Faucett.

From the very first time I heard Faucett, I was convinced he was one of the most gifted songwriters of the last twenty-five years. It Took The Shape Of A Bird confirms that notion.

Effectively touching on folk, soul, and jazz, each song on It Took The Shape Of A Bird rarely sticks to a singular genre. This makes writing this review a bit more difficult, but it makes the album special. Whether he’s crooning a gothic story of loss in “King Snake”, melancholy introspective in “Living On The Moon”, or heartbreaking beauty in “Ancient Chord “, Faucett’s authenticity is 100%.

Speaking of authenticity, I have no problem admitting I came close to tears on quite a few occasions during my first listen. Faucett’s knack for storytelling and ability to express his deepest insecurities is a God-given gift, much less done in such a way that never comes off pretentious or on the nose. The stories take many shapes from bleak to hopeful but the performance keeps the focus on balance.

Despite the personal intimacy, It Took The Shape Of A Bird isn’t simply a solo performance.

Avoiding the cliche songwriter-with-guitar trope, Faucett makes full use of his backing band on this release. Warm bass guitar, thunderous percussion, and the occasional distorted guitar elevate every single emotion the song presents. Being no slave to a particular genre, Faucett utilizes freedom to experiment with its production. On a technical level, It Took The Shape Of A Bird is Faucett and his band’s finest moment. Every aspect of the album is fully produced and mixed perfectly. Vocals are haunting when they need to be, and the clean guitar tones sound almost edible!

Overall, It Took The Shape Of A Bird is a wonderful album of authentic, heartfelt art, beautifully crafted from start to finish. I really can’t explain it any other way. Adam Faucett is a treasure and I stand behind my previous statement that he is one of the most talented songwriters of the last twenty-five years. If you want me to back that up, look no further than It Took The Shape Of A Bird.

It Took The Shape Of A Bird is available for pre-order at Last Chance Records

For more info on Adam Faucett, please visit adamfaucett.com


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