ACTION WOMAN 10 – Growling Girrrrls in the Garage

Boys are Boys but Girls are CHOICE! Action Woman, where female garage rockers take precedence over their male counterparts! Featured in this show are Ye Nuns, the all-woman Monks (weird and wacky American GI’s stationed in Germany playing seminal 60’s rock’n’roll!) tribute band, Mexico’s Las Vinylators, Bay Area feminist rockers The Ace Of Cups, the foxiest surfers The Trashwomen, French/German trio The Outletts, iconic 60’s garage rockers The Belles with their ode to the mysterious M-E-L-V-I-N, flipping Them’s Gloria on its ear, over-under sideways and down! Click play, and then dial that volume to 10!!!

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One foot in the door
The other one in the gutter

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