A Weekend in the Midwest : Two Nights and Four Bands: Night One Missouri

So you found yourself stranded in Kansas or Missouri and you don’t know what to do. With any given night spitting out a barrage of events that attract all different folks with all different strokes, this one will mainly focus on the underground house scene in both states. First, we find ourselves in the lovely neighborhood of Raytown, Missouri, or as the locals like to refer to the place as Raytona Beach! The house is fondly called Bubba Spins Records and Flop House, they record and live stream every show and you can find them all on facebook.

As the night starts to burn with an out of town newcomer from Fayetteville, Arkansas, Witchsister brings the heat, with guitar licks reminiscent of early 90s Primus. Also carrying bass and drums with an offbeat but very well tracked rhythm, As the singer conjures up some Grace Slick style with some 80s straight edge attitude. she screams at me with the lyric “fuck your third eye, drink a bottle of wine”. The band was touring through in support of their freshly released album “Post Toasty”, you can check it out through their band camp page here:

The Third band to grace the lovely stage in Raytona, Beach on the sultry Friday night in Missouri, was the amazing super talented Nature Boys. I would venture to say that this diamond of a band in the ruff of the Midwest that we call home, is one of the most amazing treasures of local rock n roll I have witnessed. The Harmonies and howls that sound like The Band X on steroids. The guitar licks and super surfy riffs and lead harmonies that swing into the rhythms of Bass madness and drum techniques of a well-aged punk outfit. This band is well worth the trip out if they come around – check them out. You can also check their band camp here:

All the shows spoken about in this article can be viewed again because of what Bubba Spins does for our community of artists. A special shout out to Brian. Thanks for bringing rock n roll to the community and giving it a place to breathe and live!

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