A Volcano at 5 AM

P1290603 copy_edited-1 I’m sure I’ll never get another clear picture of A Volcano again because they’re beasts and they rip shit up when they play, so even though this happened two months ago, I figured I’d better take the chance to share these moments now.


Johnny Brooke (Guitar, vocals for A Volcano) taking a smoke break after their live 5 am set at KPSU.

Johnny Brooke (Guitar, vocals for A Volcano) taking a smoke break after their 5 am live set at KPSU.


I’d never seen A Volcano (Johnny Brooke, Jesse Chambers) live, but some of my friends are fans so I was pretty stoked when I noticed they were scheduled to rock at 5 am for KPSU’s 24 hour All Nighter broadcast in April. The crew and I were fading fast after hours and hours of awesome live music all up in our grills, but A Volcano arrived on time, brought our dead asses back to life, and melted our faces into dirty puddles of rock n’ roll gravy. (I’m not sure exactly what that means but just go with it.) Not only was I lucky enough to be in studio for their set, but they were really cool dudes and the lighting liked my camera too.

Watch the video and go check them out. They’re loud and they’re dark and I dig it.


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