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Before I head out to the sun and surf of Cocoa Beach today, a “Meet the Band” with Kilo Tango awaits you. Katie has that perfect voice for all things beach and surf. Without a doubt she will get you thinking of some famous voices from the 60’s but she also has a hint of Natalie Merchant which is very cool to me. This whole album is very good, well written , with very chill vibes throughout. If you like Beach Day , or Best Coast I’m pretty sure you just found yourself a new band …..

Our name is Kilo Tango
Our sound is …..a groovy throwback to simple rock n roll
We are …..Katie Zach and Jake
We are from…… Tallahassee, FL
We are influenced by…… Dum Dum Girls, Jenny Lewis, the velvet underground,, the runaways.
Who plays what in the band…..Katie: guitar and vox: I took singing and guitar lessons when I was like 10 but wasn’t into it until I was 17 and taught myself songs on guitar as I started writing
Zach drums: In like 8th grade I started playing guitar and have only been playing drums since the beginning of this year
Jake: guitar: I got a guitar when I was around 11, but didn’t really get into it until I was older.

Writing process…… I (katie) write all the songs and just recently added Jake and Zach with me. Sometimes I’ll have something in my head I record in my
Voice memos and work on later and sometimes I’m just jamming on a riff that I go off of! After that I write the lyrics and then send the songs to the band to learn and they will usually come up with their stuff or we’ll jam different ideas on it. The first album I had a studio musician doing all the other parts that I worked on with! So this is all sort of new haha.

Challenges: include living in a bad town for music which has made me utilize the Internet and that’s how I’ve met a lot of my musician friends and have gotten shows out of state which has been cool! Definitely being under 21 and a girl and having to stand up for yourself. I just played a show in LA where I had to leave right after my set because I was under 21 and didn’t get to see anyone else play it was a bummer.
Finding musicians to be in the band with me was hard especially in Tallahassee, but Zach and Jake have made being in a band a lot more fun than when it’s just me!

First concert…. was the beach boys when I was like 6 or something

Coolest band shirt….. would be this lynyrd Skynyrd one I have gotta represent FL rock n roll!

Most insane concert:….. one time I saw white fence play like a 3 hour set it was awesome

Who would you like to open with….. I would wanna open for Twin Peaks! they’re the same age and I think it’s awesome what they’ve accomplished and they are such good musicians and performers!

advise for my 13 year old…. I would tell him to just practice and hone his skills! Just have fun doing it and don’t put pressure on yourself for any performance or show, find people to jam with they will make you a better musician!

The music state in 2015: I think there’s hope, but it sucks still.

listen to this…..

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