A Pefect Mix Of Central Florida. Swampy and Sticky and full Of R&B…Meet, The Delusionaires


The Delusionaires are the latest Band in our quest to listen and to meet all the bands from Hidden Volume Records. I am seeing The Delusionaires on July 12th so needless to say I love this Band…. It’s everything about this place, we have the sun, the waves, and the surf and if you step outside from May to October your gonna pick up on a taste of swamp in the air. It’s a rocking good time to be sure and that’s the band. It’s Las Vegas Grind time if your on the same page.. I dig the shit out of The Delusionaires. If your hanging out at 50thirdand3rd you ought to have some kind of appreciation for how truly fun this is.

Hi our name is….

The Delusionaires

And our sound might be best described as….

Sleazy sax-based strip joint instro R&B, or as one Portuguese fan described
it, “filthy striptease nightclub full of fat drunks throwing up at the bar”

We are…

Nadeem Khan (bass fiddle)

Winthrop Fist (drums)

Lil’ Jimmy Ivy (tenor saxophone)

Artie Mondello (electric guitar)

We are originally from…..

Steamy Mid-Florida

The first time we met was…..

One dark fucking day, dude.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………

I’m still not sure we know that.

Before starting the band we were employed as…….

Ungainfully as possible. Artie managed a failing video store, which doubled
as our practice space after hours; the first fifteen minutes the next
morning would invariably involve retrieving High Life bottles and cigarette
butts from the Family shelves before the boss came in.

Our craziest gig ever was….

Crazy good or crazy bad? Probably the weirdest gig was one that on paper
reads like a game of Mad Libs: an afternoon awards ceremony for a leading
Death Care Industry corporation, held in the Winners Circle Lounge of the
Daytona National Speedway. That actually turned out pretty successfully;
they paid us a nice chunk o’ bills, and even hired us to do their Xmas party
a few months later, which was almost weirder. For sheer pathos, there was
that time we played an unscheduled, impromptu acoustic set at the lamented
Big Bamboo Lounge in exchange for cigarettes from the patrons. Yes,
essentially panhandling. This, too, was pretty successful: after three or
four songs, we’d gotten four cigarettes donated to us, and the bartender
even bought us a round, making this actually one of our most profitable gigs
to date.

The first song we wrote was…….

Probably “Dressing Room” (on our 1st LP, DESTINATION POON), so named for a
stripper-catfight scene that happened to be playing on the video store’s TV
as we made it up (the movie, incidentally, was THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE;
if you listen closely, you’ll note that the song was pretty much ripped off
from the recurring sleaze number “The Web” on the soundtrack). The title
was really just a placeholder, but we never got around to giving it a decent

It’s about……

The song, or life in general? Never mind, same thing: low tastes, lower
morals, and deeply regrettable acts.

What we are currently listening to….

Our wives’ lists of grievances.

A few albums we could never part with….

The Las Vegas Grind and Frolic Diner comps, of course; the Rock, Baby, Rock
It! Soundtrack; Farmer John by The Premiers; Behind the Magnolia Curtain by
Tav Falco’s Panther Burns. There’s also about 300 copies of FLOOZE PARTY
I’ve got a feeling we’ll never part with, either…

For fun we like to…..

Bet on which of us is gonna need a puke break during the set.

you can follow The Delusionaires…

The Delusionaires, Facebook

The Delusionaires.com


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and you can follow and pick up some cool stuff from our friends at Hidden Volume Records

Hidden Volume Records .com


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