A Partnership With Goner Records and 50thirdand3rd plus 75 Tracks from The Bands of Goner Fest Eleven

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If you have been a fan of Goner Records like most of us at 50thirdand3rd you will be pleased to know that we will be featuring Bands that will be playing at Goner Fest Eleven. Over the next 10 weeks we will in partnership with Goner Records be featuring at least two “Meet The Bands” a week . For crazy fans of Goner, this is some pretty sweet news. If your asking what is Goner Records and what is Goner Fest, keep reading.

from Goner Records, Wikipedia

The Record Label
The Goner Records label was started in 1993 by Eric Friedl. While attending the second Garage Shock festival, Friedl saw a performance by Japanese garage punk band Guitar Wolf, becoming a fan. After Guitar Wolf’s performance, Friedl approached the band, receiving some demo cassettes in exchange for agreeing to set up some further Guitar Wolf shows in Memphis. Based on the supplied demos, Friedl decided to release Guitar Wolf’s first album, Wolf Rock!, calling the band in Japan for permission. Friedl followed this first release with a number of releases by his own band, the Oblivians. Since its inception, a number of bands have released albums through Goner, including LPs by the Bad Times, the Oblivians, King Louie Bankston, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Digital Leather, Box Elders, Harlan T. Bobo, The Reigning Sound, and The Leather Uppers. Goner has also had a hand in releasing a multitude of 7″ singles.

The Record Store
In 2004, Friedl and business partner Zac Ives (frontman of the band The Final Solutions) purchased a record store to accompany the Goner Records label. The Goner Records store is located at 2152 Young Avenue, in Memphis, Tenn., at the former location of Legba Records, an independent music store formerly operated by Reigning Sound frontman Greg Cartwright. The store itself sells music in a variety of formats including LP, CD, 45 and 78. The store also contains a 25 cent trip through the “Elvis Impersonator Shrine.”

Goner Fest
In 2004, Friedl founded Goner Fest, which has become a yearly event in Memphis for showcasing Goner-related bands. The first Goner Fest was held in January 2005 and consisted of three nights of live music performed mostly at the local Buccaneer Tavern. The second Goner Fest was held just nine months later. The third Goner fest took place in 2006 at the Hi-Tone, a venue famous for housing Elvis Presley’s kung fu dojo in the 1970s.

and that brings us all the way up to Goner Fest Eleven 2014

ABOUT GONER FEST ( From Madison at Goner)

Goner Fest is an annual independent music festival in Memphis, TN hosted by Goner Records. Goner Fest 11 will take place September 25th-28th 2014 at the Hi-Tone, Murphy’s, the Buccaneer, the Goner Records shop and a few other places around town.

This year’s festival will bring together our favorite Memphis bands with bands from all over the place – as well as attendees! Over the past 9 years, music fans from Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Central America and all across the United States have come to Memphis for Goner Fest. More people buy a 3- day pass to Goner Fest from Melbourne, Australia than any other city in the world!

The list of past bands featured at Goner Fest include Mudhoney, The Gories, Guitar Wolf, Jay Reatard, the Oblivians, Cosmic Psychos, Ty Segall, Wreckless Eric, Black Lips, Rev. John Wilkins, Thee Oh Sees, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Sic Alps, Reigning Sound, Vivian Girls, Leo Welch, Pierced Arrows, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, King Khan & the BBQ Show, Alarm Clocks, Hamish Kilgour, Human Eye, Destruction Unit, Magic Kids + many more!

and here are some of The Bands That you will see featured here at 50thirdand3rd over the next two months for all of you that skipped over the info…

Len Bright Combo (NY/UK)

The Gizmos – Original ’76/77 lineup (Bloomington, IN)

The Grifters (Memphis, TN)
The Rebel (Hertfordshire, England)
Ausmuteants (Geelong, Australia)
So Cow (Galway, Ireland)
Protomartyr (Detroit, MI)
Paul Collins Beat (New York, NY)
Radioactivity (Austin, TX)
Ross Johnson’s Like Flies On Sherbert Revue (Memphis, TN)
Angie (Sydney, Australia)
Terry & Louie (Members of Exploding Hearts) (Portland, OR/New Orleans, LA)
Spray Paint (Austin, TX)
Sick Thoughts (Baltimore, MD)
NOTS (Memphis, TN)
Cool Runnings (Auckland, New Zealand)
Deaf Wish (Melbourne, Australia)
Life Stinks (San Francisco, CA)
Obnox (Cleveland, OH)
Dutch Masters (Memphis, TN / Oxford, MS)
Gila Man (R. Rousseau) (Tempe, AZ)
King Brothers (Nishinomiya City, Japan)
Weather Warlock (New Orleans, LA)
Warm Soda (Oakland, CA)
Connections (Columbus, OH)
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding (Footscray, Australia)
De Hoje Haele (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Gooch Palms (Newcastle, Australia)
Gimp Teeth (Memphis, TN)
Nathan Roche (Sydney, Australia)
The Stevens (Melbourne, Australia)
Wild Emotions (Jackson, MS)
Martyr Privates (Brisbane, Australia)
Son of VOM (Meltzer, USA)

also, just announced:
Ross Johnson’s ‘Like Flies On Sherbert’ Revue (Memphis, TN)
Die Rotzz (New Orleans, LA)
>mancontrol< (Memphis, TN) Martyr Privates (Brisbane, AUS) Buldgerz (Memphis, TN) Buy Your Tickets To Goner Fest Eleven

For Everything….. Goner Fest Eleven

From all of us at 50thirdand3rd, I want to thank Madison at Goner for helping us make all this possible, and here is a sample of some of the tunes from the Bands of Goner Fest Eleven.

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