A New Mix from Our Friends at King Pizza Records.. “Surfin’ On Pizza Lightning”


This is a very cool mix from one of my favorite Record labels, King Pizza Records. I dig these bands, it’s garage, heavy, psych, and a whole lot more , so as you look for playlist to put on while your decorating your homes, this would be my pick…..

from King Pizza Records

BROOKLYN, NY ­ KING PIZZA RECORDS is celebrating their one year anniversary in

cheesy, saucy fashion. Their new compilation titled “Surfin’ on Pizza Lightning,” follow­up

to the previous “Music to Make Barbecues By,” is out now and it features 16 tracks of

scuzz, fuzz, surf, and all­around rock goodies from artists such as Gymshorts, Sun

Voyager, The Mad Doctors, & more!

The inaugural year of the collective ­label was an eventful one surrounded by eight tape

releases, one vinyl release, one colossal three ­day festival which featured every band on

the label…. Pizza Fest Is Coming To Brooklyn

And here is a full tracklist for “Surfin’ On Pizza Lightning”:

1. The Fucktons ­ I Don’t Need Ya

2. Big Huge ­ Me and My Radio

3. Sun Voyager ­ God Is Dead

4. St. James & The Apostles ­ Rent Boy Blues

5. Greasy Hearts ­ I Don’t Mind

6. The Mad Doctors ­ Dead Beach

7. OTTO MANN ­ Pizza Duh

8. The Dicktations ­ Terminal Knuckleheads

9. The Jeanies ­ I Think You’re The Wrong One

10. The Rizzos ­ Anything I Want You To

11. Maginot ­ Tessa

12. Dan Soto & The High Doses ­ Connecticut

13. Gymshorts ­ Do You Wanna

14. Seismic Thrust ­ Can You Feel It

15. The Omecs ­ Can’t Keep Waiting Around

16. Jacques Le Coque ­ Dead and Gone


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