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Living here in Florida , it seems most of the new bands getting all the press are from sunny California, BUT we all know that there is another spot in the good old U.S of A that is putting out some killer surf vibes as well and don’t forget, Florida is “The Sunshine State”. Summer may be drawing to a slowdown up north, but our beautiful days are right around the corner. The rain will stop soon and the Sun will reign supreme once again. A perfect time of the year for one of Florida’s up and coming Bands, Kilo Tango to release a killer 7. I asked Katie to put a few words together introducing the new EP , so big thanks to Katie for writing this up for 50thirdand3rd !!

“Ok so I got approached by some dudes with their own DIY label called Further Sky Records. They wanted to put out a 7” with me and I’m already recording a new album so we decided to use two of my older demos I had done in my bedroom with GarageBand! The two songs are “will U go” and “psychedelic heart” which leads to the name Bleu. Both are sad songs about dealing with boys not wanting to be with you and the album art was gonna be a blue color anyways. I also love French Pop music like Jacque Dutronc and Francoise Hardy and I wanted the name to be short and sophisticated looking.”

give a listen ……

Kilo Tango:

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