A Big Dose Of Garageland… Meet…..Burnside Eleven aka Weird Kid a French One Man Band


This is some garage punk kids. I wanted to compare Burnside Eleven to other One Man Bands that I admire, but truth be told he sounds a little too different to lump him in that category, I don’t feel like I’m listening to one guy, sounds like 3 or maybe 4 and that blues guitar is some cool stuff. Now that I have your attention time to Meet Burnside Eleven and make sure you stick around and listen to his excellent noise and don’t forget to turn it up…

Hi my name’s Théophile, Burnside Eleven aka Weird Kid

And my sound might be best described as….
My sound might be best described as a weird garage blues, somebodies talk bout grunge sounds and stuff…

I am originally from…..
I’m originally from central France, a deeply boring place.

Before starting the band I was employed as…….
Before starting to gig alone, i was like studying english and law at university, then i broke the band i was in, and started to play on my own.

The first song I wrote was…….
I wrote my first song when I was 13, I think that was talking about a girl or something… But every song is its own world, i write about everything i feel. No exception.

What I am currently listening to….
I’m currently listening to the Fred Mc Dowell, Goin down river.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to me……
Enjoy !

Burnside Eleven, Facebook

Burnside Eleven, Tumblr

Retard Records


12/01 (FR) PARIS @ Gibus Café
14/01 (FR) LILLE @ L’imposture
16/01 (UK) BRIGHTON @ Late Night Lingerie
21/01 (BEL) KORTJICK @The Pit’s
22/01 (ALL) TÜBINGEN @ Epplehaus
23/01 (IT) RAVENNA @ Moog
24/01 (IT) CALENZANO @ Factory Club
25/01 (IT) BUCINE @ W.I.P
26/01 (IT) ROMA @ 30 Formiche
30/01 (FR) STRASBOURG Mudd MuddClub w/Go!Zilla
31/01 (BEL) BRUSSELS @ Bed & Breakfast
01/02 (FR) LILLE @ El Diablo
02/02 (BEL) GENT @ Kinky Star Club
04/02 (FR) PARIS @ L’international

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