999 in Hamburg

999 were in Hamburg couple of weeks ago. Yes, you read it right. The legendary punk band 999 was in Hamburg. And it was a great show all around.The venue was the Monkeys Music Club in Altona. It was my first time in there and I enjoyed the place quite a lot. It even has a small pub of its own inside, other than the two bars.

The opening act were the Twinkles, punk band from Italy. They had their sunglasses on the whole time, I think it was their thing.They played their own songs as well as punk takes of some famous songs like “I wanna hold your hand” by the Beatles. They had a great vibe on stage and everybody danced and enjoyed.

The break was also fun, we got to listen to original punk and had the pleasure of chatting with Nick Cash. Then the time came and 999 took stage. They were so cool and so comfortable. Nick Cash was walking back and forth and throwing his kicks as he kept playing his guitar. At the end they played Homicide for the second time and Arturo started pulling people up to the stage and it got pretty crowded within seconds, everyone singing “homi-ciiiiiii-de”! All in all, the band put a great show and they punked our night out.

Here is a brief glance on the night of punk. Enjoy the footage and pictures.

The Twinkles


I don’t wanna wake no more all alone ~The Twinkles

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Homicide ~999

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Special thanks to blacflag for recording the videos while I was busy dancing! Also, if you would like to see, hear more of the Twinkles and the 999, please visit their pages.

The Twinkles Homepage
The Twinkles Facebook

999 Homepage
999 Facebook


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