7 inches of Rock N Roll With Night Beats Rock N Roll Psych Soul Revival “That’s all you got” Featuring Robert Levon Been


Its a Night Beats Rock N Roll Psych Soul Revival tune in, turn on and drop out on this amazing single from Fuzz Club Records. This one features Blackwell diving deeper into the soul of rock n roll a place familiar with Night Beats legion of followers. That’s all you got reminds me of Dylan as much as anything could but has a uniquely modern take on the sound. Never look back has a prophetic revival feel and I am down! The UFO’s can take me home too! Also featuring Robert Levon Been on both tracks. This seven inch could spin all day and I would be fine with that. Blackwell seems to reach new heights with each recording that comes to pass. Night Beats have an amazing catalog and still continue to amaze fans all around the world. You can also catch them preforming the new album OUTLAW R&B on levitation sessions for only $3.98 a ticket don’t miss out! Premiers 7/24/2021 at 7pm central standard time.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnCI55p2ims&w=1280&h=720]


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