7-inches of Rock N Roll: Clinic EP 1


Hello and welcome back to another Seven Inches of Rock N Roll with your host Benny Fuzz! For this find, we step into a time machine and go back to 1997 to England with Clinic and their very first E.P. Three songs put out by the band on their label Aladdin’s Cave of Golf. This E.P. has all the Rock N Roll needed to see why they would later become a staple on the label Domino. Keys, Fuzz, and people wearing masks in public, way before it was cool. The three-song E.P. has guts and features the songs I.P.C. Sub-Editors Dictate Our Youth, Porno, and D.P.



None of the songs disappoint. I have yet to find a bad Clinic song. This band is still musically active and I hope to get to see a live performance. This first E.P. is a punk sandwich with a soft blissful gooey middle of a melodic explosion. It comes highly recommended from Benny fuzz here at 50thirdand3rd. I found a copy for only 16 quid online. The Spotify version features all three E.P.’s that later was issued by Domino. Here is the Spotify Version:



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