7 inches of Rock N Roll – Acid Baby Jesus – Vegetable E.P.

Welcome to this weeks 7 inches of Rock N Roll. This one comes to us from the Slovenly Records label imprint. I got this record on the steal from the 7 inch members club offered on their website. Acid Baby Jesus has all the fuzz action I need. Coupled with the eerie sounds of Egyptian keys worked over the mix of the title track Vegetable. This record sounds like it belongs in a Jukebox in a bar on the wrong side of the tracks. Acid Baby Jesus has a dance and shake slow snake drive that is hard to shake on this 7 inch. Fully loaded Rock N Roll shot from a double barrel e.p. that belongs on every record player, but alas it is only limited to 1000 copies, the only downside to the whole thing. Get your Brain Damage here:

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