My Favorite Songs: Long Haired Daddy

Hi! I’m Dacia and I’m new to 50thirdand3rd. My musical tastes lean heavily toward old songs sung by women, across genres. While delving into 50s and 60s country and western, jazz, soul, I  come across a large number of women who recorded one 45, maybe two, and then vanished into the ether, mostly likely as they became wives and mothers and devoted themselves to their families, letting music fall to the wayside. For their eras, they certainly weren’t alone.


The Jaynetts with pianist Charles Landers (Vernell Hill is on the right)


Perhaps one of my favorites, one that sticks in my mind anyway, is Vernell Hill. She sung on the Jaynett’s “Sally Go Round The Roses,” credited as Ethel Davis, and released just one single of her own in 1964 on Tuff Records. The A-side, Long Haired Daddy, is one of my favorite songs ever. I hope you enjoy it, too.

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Jaynetts promo photo, Vernell Hill center




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Dacia lives in Austin, Texas, where she writes, drinks & listens to records.

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