50thirdand3rd’s Feature Album: REAL SICKIES – ‘Love Is For Lovers’

We featured Edmonton’s Real Sickies a while back with talk of sugary sweetness and enough tequila to induce a quick decrease in inhibitions. On their brand new record ‘Love Is For Lovers‘ the Sickies haven’t changed too much and that is a-okay!

Employing themes of relationships, love in all its forms, setbacks, addiction, and the ups and downs of life, these guys have perfected taking big hooks, a fun attitude, and energy that never lets up, blasting out 2-3 minute uncomplicated golden nuggets of pop-punk. Aside from ‘Give and Take‘ the dynamite pop duet with local indie country sensation named Lucette, the bands’ style is still the poppier side of ’70s punk meets power pop meets straight-up rock n’ roll with hints of bubblegum and embodies the spirit of the Ramones, the Real Kids, Mean Jeans, and maybe a bit of early Strokes.

There are so many earworms here your brain will short circuit trying to keep the choruses for ‘Communication Breakdown‘, ‘Hold On Baby‘, and ‘Least Favorite of Mine‘ alive. Little Steven better be paying attention, because any one of these tracks could easily be The ​Coolest Song In The World.

The album is out now on Stomp Records.


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