The 50thirdand3rd Video Premiere of – ‘ Drones Clones Ramones’ by White Ape

Directed By John Clay

Set to a relentless robotic groove, White Ape’s new single Drones Clones Ramones casts a wry eye over bugbears as wide-ranging as information overload, the homogenization of pop culture, looming extinction and even the bands own promo shots!

Lyrics by Tommy Mack.
Sotones Music Publishing.

‘ Drones Clones Ramones’
Another bunch of drones, another bunch of clones
Another band standing up against the wall like The Ramones
Yeah, it’s a repeat but have you seen what’s on the other side.
This is the decade so lame (so lame) it doesn’t even have a name (no name)
It goes with my lifestyle but it hurts my pride

98% of the time you choose someone to make up your mind
You don’t want to use it, don’t want to lose it so you leave it behind
It’s OK to have nothing to say, your thoughts aren’t formed you just take ‘em away
And I talked so much bullshit, I almost believed some it myself

All the old people died in the winter, all the young people died in a war
All the people in between died from being mean, all the poor people died from being poor
Plastic doesn’t rot it doesn’t rust. Our debris will outlast us.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes (funks to funky) and dust to dust.

White Ape:


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