The 50thirdand3rd Premiere of – “The War” from Buffalo Fuzz by Buffalo Fuzz

“The War” from Buffalo Fuzz by Buffalo Fuzz

From Buffalo Fuzz:
Buffalo Fuzz is Jared Zachary (vocals, guitar) and Jake Allan (drums). A two-piece heavy blues band out of Minneapolis, MN, USA. On September 12, 2016, Buffalo Fuzz unleashes the sound of a wild animal in their debut, self-titled album including previously released, highly-acclaimed singles “Perfect Man” and “Ain’t Seen a Cent”. The 11 track album (9 tracks vinyl, 2 bonus tracks for digital download and CD) covers an array of classic rock and blues aesthetics while remaining true to the honesty and authenticity of lyrics, tone, and groove. Speaking of groove, vinyl will be released in early 2017(complete with download card including the bonus tracks). Buffalo Fuzz is set out to leave quite a hoof-print on blues-rock music, so keep your ear to the ground.

The album is the blueprint of Buffalo Fuzz. We purposely cover a lot of musical ground with different influences. The guitars growl, the vocals wail, and the beat stomps out a powerful groove. Perhaps the most important is that all the riffs and cadences are constructed around some surprisingly powerful lyrics.

Photo’s: Trevor Scholl

Buffalo Fuzz:
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