The 50thirdand3rd Interview With – The Gooch Palms


The 50thirdand3rd Interview With – The Gooch Palms

1. For those not familiar with your past can you tell us a little on how you decided to team up and become The Gooch Palms

We were living in Sydney and had been a couple for a few years and decided one day to just start playing songs together in our garage. Without really knowing how to play our instruments we just started booking and playing shows and a few years later, here we are! Thinking back though, those early shows were ROUGH!!! We really sucked at playing so we learnt how to put on a good show to disguise that fact. We have gotten much better at playing since those early days but still put on the best show we can!

2. How difficult of a decision was it to move to the United States and why do you think you needed to relocate

It was an easy decision. We’re pretty spontaneous. We toured here in 2014 and loved how many shows we were able to play on the one tour, something that you can’t do in Australia so in 2015 we just sold everything we owned and moved over and have pretty much been touring ever since. It’s easier and cheaper to live here and visit Australia just to tour so we’ve been doing that. It’s also closer to Europe and we’ll be heading there for the first time this year after our US tour wraps up. We get homesick sometimes but we make sure we always have a jar of Vegemite in the house and on tour so that helps a lot! Haha for real. But we love living here, it’s literally a dream come true.

3. On your new album there’s a whole lot of fun and seriousness mixed in at the same time are you happy with the reception by your live audience

Super happy! The new songs have been received really well at the shows since releasing the album and they’re super fun to play so we’re stoked. Even the serious songs are fun to play, especially when the crowd is going nuts!

4. What are some of your most played albums of 2016 besides ‘Introverted Extroverts’

Haha well we definitely don’t listen to our own album too often or really anything that is not shitty radio or dumb songs on youtube! We have actually been enjoying the new Justin Beiber album a lot though. That and the new Mean Jeans album. Classic combo.

5. Can you tell us a little on how you decided to start your own record label and are you happy that you did

We just wanted to give it a go so we just did it! It’s been awesome so far and we’re currently looking at adding a couple of bands to the roster but can’t say anything about it just yet! It’s nice to have full control over the release and see it’s success in real time.

6. If you could only pick 5 bands/artists that have had the biggest impact on your style who are they?

Roy Orbison, Ramones, Devo, XTC, Kiss

7. What record was playing in the background when you decided to give this all a go

The Gories – I know you fine but how you doin’

8. Have you met any of your idols that you had growing up and if so how did it go

We met Andre 3000 at our show in Detroit in 2014. He was wanting to see a “punk” show after finishing producing Aretha Franklin’s new album with Justin Beiber’s producer at the time. So they both just showed up to our show and we got to have a chat with him and he watched our whole set. It was pretty weird to see him just standing there like a normal dude! He was really nice and we talked a lot about surfing!

9. What’s next for The Gooch Palms

Once we finish our US leg of the album tour we head to the UK and Europe and then 2017 is wide open for us to do what ever we like! We’ve got a bunch of demos waiting to be worked on so we’ll be working on album number 3 and more touring. The world is our oyster!!! Always touring though, gotta make the $$$ to stay alive!

10. Any last thoughts for all your fans out there tuning in to this little interview

Thanks for tuning in! It’s just nuts that a little 2 piece from a small city on the other side of the world can live in the US now and tour as much as we do and have anyone interested in what we’re doing so seriously… thanks!!! And hopefully see you at a show on this tour so we can afford to keep buying Vegemite! It’s expensive over here!!! 😀

one of my top 10 albums of 2016!!

North American Tour Starts Today!!!





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