The 50thirdand3rd Interview With Demi Demitro of The Velveteers.

We are excited to share with you all some behind the scenes footage we collected from our very first tour, where we played with Deap Vally all across the UK! Check it out!

I’ve been a fan of The Velveteers since I did a “meet the band’ with them back in September 2015. Since that time they have been quite busy and they recently completed a Tour of Europe with Deap Vally . Upon their return to the States we caught up with Demi to ask a few questions .

Interview With Demi Demitro of The Velveteers

For those unfamiliar with your history could you give us all a little of your back pages and how The Velveteers started up.

We’ve both been playing music all our life’s. I grew up writing and singing.. ever since I can remember. I was always writing poems or song lyrics in class, it was the one thing that just made sense to me and really fed my fire. Then I started playing guitar a little over 2 years ago..and when I found that, it was like the pieces of the puzzle just all came together. John has been playing music his whole life, he is the first person that ever inspired me to start playing music. He is actually an incredible guitar player and he’s in another band called Bandits. I grew up constantly going to their shows, so they had a big influence on me. I played around with a few different drummers. Then one day John picked up a pair of drums sticks and the rest is history. We’ve recently been playing as a three piece, with duel drums.

Your sound has a distinct rock n roll edge can you let us know some records you both listened to in those formative years.

Post Pop Depression, Americana, Moon is the new Earth by Rose Hill Drive, The Stooges, Magical Mystery Tour, Lazaretto and Blunderbuss by Jack White, Blood Pressure by The Kills, all these records had a huge influences on us. Oh and basically every Queens of the Stone Age record. The list could go on and on.

You recently finished a European tour with Deap Valley, what was that experience like and did you get a chance to have some fun with them.

The U.K. was amazing. It was our very first tour, ever. So all together it was quite the experience, especially cause it was also both of our first times out of the country…. Lots of exploring during the day and then playing sold out shows every night. The crowds in the UK were incredible. The music scene is awesome too, we met a lot of sick local bands and also got to hangout with Royal Blood which was really fun. We love Deap Vally and the whole crew, we all shared a van so it was close quarters. Julie (drummer of Deap Vally) just had a baby, so the baby came along for the tour. They are all amazing people and it was really inspiring to be surrounded by such strong women. If you want to see more about our UK tour, we just released a little tour documentary we filmed ourselves! Check it out.

Can you tell us a little about your plans for new music and tours for 2017.

We are currently still recording and very excited to release our EP later this year. Plus we are working with some really amazing people. We’ve been working on some really cool stuff with Daniel Sproul of Rose Hill Drive (our favorite band), which we are so incredibly excited to release! We have some tour dates at the beginning of March in the mid-west and then some other cool shows coming up, which we can’t say to much about right now! We are hoping to get back to the UK later this year. Stay tuned….

What’s it like for you to be up on stage rocking out and growing your fans city by city.
Writing music is really my favorite thing in the whole world and thats where I feel at home. But when you take it out on the road and share it with people thats a completely different thing, and its awesome. We love playing different places every night and meeting new people.. whether there are 2 people at a show or 200. I think my favorite city we’ve played is Leeds in the UK. The audience was insane. We can’t wait to tour more in the UK and USA.

The Velveteers


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