The 50thirdand3rd Fall Concert Series -The Gooch Palms live stream (Live on PressureDrop.tv)


I am fast becoming a big time fan of The Gooch Palms and here’s a few reasons why. I love the idea that rock n roll stays relevant and fun at the same time. I think that music and rock in particular has to stay current in order for a next generation to tune in, not everyone is going to want to the listen to The Clash much in the same way that my generation didn’t want to listen to our parents music. That brings us to 2016 and The Gooch Palms , their zany , spontaneous and a whole lot of fun in a punk kind of way and not that screaming angry punk , punk like The Ramones in a Beach Boy kind of way and to kind of riff on the whole “it’s like” thing…it’s like The Coathangers hooked up with The Kills, it’s like The Ramones had a baby with Kiss.it’s like Devo gave the mike to Iggy. it’s like CBGB’s never closed and they found a new House Band. Okay that’s enough from me, watch the video , comment on The Gooch Palms , turn that old shit off that you’ve been listening to for 30 years and open up to the idea that 2016 is kicking ass and taking names….



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