50thirdand3rd Exclusive, Stream 2 Tracks from New EP “Dirt” From, Spider Heart

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Seriously, how cool is this? Not only do I get to listen to 2 of these songs before the release date now all of you can as well. Music as an experience can be soothing or it can get you moving. Spider Heart wants to give you a kick in the ass, this garagepunk is full throttle balls to the walls made to be listened to LOUD. So all you rock n roll kids need to pay attention and help spread the word about Spider Heart. And check this out…opening for The Last Internationale at the DNA on 9/12.

stay tuned in to 50thirdand3rd, once the EP is made public, we will put up the other songs.

from their press kit…

Spider Heart set to release 5 song ‘DIRT’ EP!

The DIRT EP is Spider Heart’s dramatic follow-up to their successful 2013 album ‘Under The Gun.’The frenetic new Garage-Punk salvo ‘Love & War’ briefly popped up on college radio, but will be in wide rotation by September. The new self produced EP was recorded at 9th St Opus Studios and mixed by Bay Area veteran Producer Matt Boudreau, and takes the band into deeper and meaner territory.

Spider Heart refuses to draw inside the lines of their Garage Rock genre and Vocalist May Black hasn’t abandoned her angst so much as transformed it.The gritty dirge ‘DIRT’ frames a story of dissolution, but as the EP progresses we seem to witness a transformation. In ‘Bullet to the Start’ we begin to see a way out of the hangman’s noose. The band then takes their revenge with the feverish ‘Love & War’ and then makes a broodingly carnal turn with ‘Fire.’ The almost contemplative departure of the last track, Psych-Western ‘Ballad of an Absent Muse’ seems to heal the tension and transform us into something that almost appears satisfied.

The DIRT EP will be available for Pre-Order on September 13th through iTunes and will be streamable on the various subscription services such as Spotify. It will initially be released digitally only, with physical formats to follow later this year. The band have multiple support dates planned for the Bay Area and are planning a West Coast tour.

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