Red Moon Radio – EPISODE TEN – The Grottos

In Episode Ten of Red Moon Radio, we speak with California garage psych duo THE GROTTOS about their latest EP, Passing (Through This World), the psychic connection that they have as a duo, record collecting, and what they would bring to a desert island!

The Grottos – Passing (Through This World) EP – Passing (Through This World)
Interview with Anthony and Diego of The Grottos
DJ SET FROM THE GROTTOS – Blind Willie McTell – The Definitive Blind Willie McTell – You Was Born to Die
DJ SET FROM THE GROTTOS – The Vandals – Peace Thru Vandalism EP – The Legend of Pat Brown
DJ SET FROM THE GROTTOS – The 13th Floor Elevators – The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators – Reverberation
DJ SET FROM THE GROTTOS – Echobends – Forthcoming Debut EP – Blue
The Grottos – Demo Recordings – All Talk
The Grottos – Passing (Through This World) EP – The Psychic Box
The Grottos – Passing (Through This World) EP – Howl
The Grottos – Oxykitten EP – I Don’t Wanna Be Your Home

Follow THE GROTTOS on Bandcamp at thegrottos.bandcamp.com, on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/thegrottos, on Facebook at facebook.com/thegrottos, on Instagram at instagram.com/thegrottos and on Twitter at twitter.com/thegrottos. Download THE GROTTOS’ latest EP, Passing (Through This World), through their Bandcamp or Soundcloud pages. The release is also available on limited addition cassette for your listening pleasure! Head to the band’s Bandcamp page for more details.

Photo credit: Michael Cooper Villegas


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