4 Track Spotlight on…. Rice is Nice Records (Sydney, Australia )


After writing posts for close to two years , I have to say the coolest part of spending hours talking about music has to be the friendships that I’ve developed over those two years. Sure, Record labels want you to talk to about their bands and you need material so it’s all a win- win but you can always tell who is in this business out of love for music versus those that are in it for the money. Rice Is Nice is 100% in this for their bands. Whenever a Record Company treats its artists right, you get the idea that this collection of musicians are a family, and that is how I think of Rice Is Nice Records, one great big happy family. I am only going to feature 4 tracks , but I urge you to visit their website and Soundcloud to listen to even more, and I am certain that in the next few weeks and months, I will be sure to feature more bands from Rice is Nice Records in my “Meet The Bands”

‘Am I Worth It’ is the first track to be taken from Sarah Mary Chadwick’s neweset album 9 Classic Tracks out March 27 via Rice Is Nice & Siltbreeze Records.

Rice Is Nice / Record Player

Rice Is Nice


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