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A little over 2 years has passed since we began 50thirdand3rd. As the months and years fly by I notice that there are way too many Bands and Record Labels that deserve a little attention. I have a huge appreciation for all the people who are behind the scenes as well as the artist who are making the music for all of us. You could look at these 4 Track Spotlights a few different ways. You could sit back , turn the music up and jam away or you could think it’s a commercial for the Label. Either way , I’m okay with both. If you have your mind made up that you only listen/buy from Labels or Artist that get big time exposure, that’s your prerogative. Sitting here writing this , I understand that there are undiscovered ,by the Masses , plenty of labels that we all ought to know about. During the next few months, I will begin to do my best to help showcase these Record Labels.

Today we are bringing you a little info on ,Alabama Astronaut Records. The 1st Band is Sonic Graffiti from my down my way here in Florida, making some glorious noise. The 2nd Band is 20​,​000 Leagues Under the Sea , another cool ass Band, putting together some horn based garage, cool stuff. Read on about ALABAMA ASTRONAUT RECORD COMPANY, visit their site, listen to the Bands, buy stuff , go see the bands live if you get the chance. Memories of shows are something that will last you through the years.

About Us

ALABAMA ASTRONAUT RECORD COMPANY is an up-and-coming, independent record label out of Mobile, AL specializing in releasing high quality, limited edition recordings of the most dynamic artists from the southern underground music scene.

We aim to produce records that appeal to vinyl enthusiasts, collectors, audiophiles, and music lovers in general. We will release nothing but the absolute best recordings from the most colorful artists in all of their analog beauty for your appreciation and with all of the portability of the digital download.Every release will be a statement, a labor of love, and a unique work of art. We want every record to make you feel the passion and heart that went into it’s creation.

We will only release music that excites us, and considering our eclectic musical interests, this will include music from all over the spectrum.We aim to release 4-8 recordings in our first year, but we have HUGE plans for the label that we cannot wait to announce!If you are interested in submitting your music for consideration, please contact me through email … alabamaastronaut@yahoo.com.

We have covered Sonic Graffiti before but for those of you that are new here at 50thirdand3rd…

Sonic Graffiti is a 3 piece rock’n’roll band out of St. Petersburg FL.

You can call this anything you want – garage, funk, punk – but those are simply descriptive of certain aspects of their sound. What you are getting is an explosion of the blues. And when I say explosion, I mean full-on, hydrogen bomb, apocalyptic explosion. It is chaos…. but let me be clear, not an undirected chaos. At the helm of this of this anarchy, like some kind of mad scientists, are 3 haunted, young bluesmen driving their tunes to the very edge. Screaming guitars. Controlled chaos. It is beautiful. It is rock’n’roll.

from Alabama Astronaut Records
“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea began in Mobile, AL around 2009. Starting with a lineup of four or less members at a time, the band grew in musicians as their sound grew and at one point consisted of more than ten members. The group has explored a spectrum of sounds rooted in psychedelic rock, old time folk, and all things aquatic, and lead singer David Maclay’s lyrics range from sing-along’s to contemplative poem. – Rolfe Briney

Alabama Astronaut Record Company
Alabama Astronaut. Facebook

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