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One of the many joys that I derive from spending time posting is the cool people that I have been lucky to meet along the way. From Bands to Record Labels to Agents, Promoters and fans , there are plenty of folks out there doing their best to ensure we get the coolest songs to you. In 2014, we met up with Scott from Hidden Volume and I’m here to tell you, his artwork and pick of bands is second to none. Let’s just say Hidden Volume Records is one of the top 10 Labels that I find myself listening to everything they put to Vinyl. These are just the latest 3 , 7’s released by Hidden Volume Records. My advice is to listen to their entire catalogue and then buy them all, how can you not want to collect these gems….

The return of this legendary NJ mod power pop trio. Two sides of their sound are represented with “Today’s The Way” bringing the sweet Big Star/Teenage Fanclub-esque pop while “Mr. Yesterday” hits with the garage rock (and tremolo) power they are known for. After tons of records on labels like Estrus and Screaming Apple, they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Two country punk infused tunes from Cleveland’s demented roots rockers, The Whiskey Daredevils. The raucous A-side sprung from an overheard conversation at a dive bar in central Ohio and the slow burning flip side has been called “the worst possible song title.”—by the band itself. Features two ex-Cowslingers and a guy who sometimes plays in reformed proto-punks Rocket From The Tombs. Heavy on the reverb and twang,

Philadelphia’s favorite sons make their HiVo debut with this killer garage-pop two sider. The Improbables (or Imps as they are sometimes called) bring us the antidote to the scourge of Mike Love with “Bad Vibrations” – a tune that owes more to Neil Diamond and Gerry Goffin than the bros Wilson. The B-Side “Giving You a Key” is blues-fueled garage stomp that straddles the electro-static line between Memphis and London

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