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It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been writing here at 50thirdand3rd for nearly two years. I just recently posted my 100th article and my first thought was to write some big flowery, emotional speech expressing my gratitude to the staff for putting up with me. Before I jumped into bro-mode, I realized something: Everyone here at this site share something in common. Their love of music.

Classic albums, world premiers, live show reviews and daily music videos, 50third has something for everyone thanks to each writer’s personal taste and background. Over the course of two years, I’ve been exposed to some fantastic music, record labels, and introduced to people who I call dear friends. Writing for this site has opened doors for me that never would’ve been possible otherwise. It has presented me with opportunity to set me on the path of my life long dream of being a music journalist!

Scott and Ben here at 50thirdand3rd have given me a platform to use my voice. A place where I am free to write about the music I love without answering to some corporate machine. There’s no pay for play reviews, or endorsements, just a rag-tag family of misfit music lovers talking about our love of music.

As my two year anniversary comes up this January, I want to take the time to put together a little playlist of songs from each article I’ve posted over the course of 2016. If you haven’t noticed, I try to post a brand new article each every Tuesday so there’s plenty of tracks in this thing. There’s been a few interviews here and there so there won’t any songs representing those particular weeks. I’m also omitting stuff from Top Ten lists as well as some of the albums not being available on Spotify at the time of writing this. Over all it’s a solid chunk of good music that represents the work I’ve put in this year, and the soundtrack to the platform Scott and Ben have given me here at 50thirdand3rd!

As long as you folks keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them!

For more information on each song featured on this playlist, you can check out my 50thirdand3rd archive HERE

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