WICKED SHIMMIES – Soundtrack For Your Weekend Trip To Hell…

‘Rip My Wrapper‘ – Album by WICKED SHIMMIES

If you plan to spend this weekend in hell make sure you have RIP MY WRAPPER, the latest album by WICKED SHIMMIES on your stereo while driving to the flaming underworld. These four motherrockers out of Chickasha, Oklahoma produced an ideal psychedelic rollercoaster
to get you in the right state of mad mind on your way to visit Uncle Satan. Like they put it so poetically themselves, their dark havoc will “vaporize your brain then bring it down to a dank simmer suitable for driving, house parties, derealization, ventures into primitive hypnagogic noise euphorics and deep space-punk ejaculations” Yes, this deranged gang is hooked on messing up heads. Have a burning weekend, folks…

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