When Sharpies Ruled!


When Sharpies Ruled is an absolutely essential bit of rock n roll history but many of you are probably asking what the hell is a sharpie and when exactly did they “rule?” Sharpies were an early 1970’s Australian phenomenon of tough teenage gangs. They wore their hair cropped short with striped cardigans, suspenders, bell bottoms and high heeled platform boots. The gangs were fiercely loyal to their local bands and concerts often ended in rumbles with rival gangs busting heads with bottles, chains, and brass knuckles!

The music itself on this is tough hard rockin glam and boogie stompers similar in style to the English bands knocking around this time like the Jook. Mostly unknown bands with a couple singles or an album under their belts the music is 100% Australian and 100% rockin. However there are a couple of well known bands on here that fans of 70’s Aussie rock will know well and they are Rose Tattoo and Colored Balls. This compilation is released by Warner Brothers Australia and they spared no expense on the packaging, the double LP comes in a beautiful full color gatefold with plenty of photos, fliers and album covers along with info on the tracklist.  The liners were also written by a former Melbourne sharp who vividly describes the days when sharpies ruled!

Recommended for fans of junkshop glam, hard rock, proto punk.


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