What Are You Listening To?

People often ask me…”what are you listening to..?” In fact I often ask people the same question, always hopeful for a new discovery or at least a great conversation about music. So here’s a few things I’ve been listening to lately. What are you listening to?

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Domestic now, but spent early to late 80s playing drums in a hair metal band in Toronto. Since then I've lost the hair and have found new ways to scratch the rock and roll itch.

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  • I’m listening to … Odawas~Reflections of a Pink Laser, Eno & Hyde, The Clean~Mister Pop, Little Hurricane~Gold Fever, Braids~Flourish // Perish, elbow~The Take Off And Landing Of Everything, Slowdive and
    Black Hearted Brother~Stars Are Our Home

    • I’ve never heard Odawas – will have to check it out. I just recently heard a song from Little Hurricane – Sheep in Wolves Clothing on Slacker Radio while at the gym and it stopped me in my tracks. Great stuff, I will have to check out the record. Thanks for sharing!

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