Waylon Jennings – Dreaming My Dreams

I recently read Jessi Colter’s autobiography, and realized that though I listen to lots of Jessi & Waylon and Willie & Waylon, I have far fewer solo Waylon Jennings records in my collection. It’s an oversight I’m working to correct–starting with “Dreaming My Dreams,” the record Waylon put out on RCA in 1974.

It’s interesting reading Jessi’s take on being drawn into the “outlaw country” category, with her being the preacher’s daughter she was. But being an “outlaw” seemed to have more to do with bucking Nashville and its trends than being an actual law breaker, and thank goodness Waylon was the former.

I haven’t read Waylon’s own autobiography yet, but I’m adding it to my pile. I’m interested in reading Waylon’s own take on the major events of his life, from giving up his seat on Buddy Holly’s fated plane to quitting drugs cold turkey to meeting Jessi, the woman who somehow stood by his side even when his life was at its darkest point.


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