WAXAHATCHEE ! Troubadour spotted in Belgium…


First of all I want to put the spotlight on the new track ‘Air’ from Alabama‘s indie folk singer songwriter Katie Crutchfield, the flesh and blood behind Waxahatchee. The first song she shared from her forthcoming new LP ‘Ivy Tripp’ (Out April 7th). After two albums, guitars (both acoustic and electric) and drums are still the backbone instruments for Crutchfield’s love/pain, loss/heartbreak and grief/regret life experiences. But on ‘Air’ subtle added keyboards and backing harmonies make the overall sound richer without drowning the ‘intimate’ nature. For me her slightly hoarse voice, reminding me of Kim Deal‘s vocals before nicotine and alcohol ruined them, still attracts me the most. Vulnerable but outspoken. Beautiful track and great taster for the new record.

An Alabama troubadour in Brussels…

Last Saturday Waxahatchee played a short and ‘quiet’ gig in one of the most intimate clubs (‘Witlofbar’) of Brussels. Her troubadour suitcase contained an electric guitar, an amp and a compelling voice. The setlist contained a careful selection of songs (the ‘slow’ and a pair of mid-tempo ones) from the first two albums (‘American Weekender‘ and ‘Cerulean Salt‘) and some new ones to suit the very intimate performance. Charming. Delicate. Graceful. Tender. Magnetizing at times. “Here’s Allison, my twin sister. We gonna do some new songs.” What an enthralling surprise that was ! (Note JL: Katie and twin sister Allison once were in two bands together, The Ackleys and P.S Eliot.) The sisterly harmonies were nothing less than touching, too bad it only lasted for three songs. Then Katie took over again with her lo-fi indie approach of Americana. Almost always with closed eyes or looking down and with just a few words now and then between songs. Disarming shyness. It was a special ‘stripped to the bone’ Waxahatchee night with heartbreaking storytelling and glimpses of magic.

Glimpses of magic…

Twin sisters Allison and Katie: double chills…

” No Katie, no guitar solos tonight…’

(All pics: JL)

While waiting for the new album ‘Ivy Tripp’ here’s the excellent 2013 ‘Cerulean Salt’…



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