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‘Crawling’ – debut album by WARDROBE

Johan Verckist is a Belgian singer-songwriter who’s been around for some time now. With
his new project WARDROBE, assisted by same minded, musical dreamers, he does what pure singer-songwriters do best: creating captivating songs that touch people’s heart and soul. Just like the true masters, such as Mark Eitzel, Damien Rice and the late Eliott Smith this gifted songwriter blessed with a charming, storytelling voice let the music do the talking. His melancholic reveries sound really natural and organic. Voice, words and instruments meet each other as good old friends knowing perfectly how to communicate and how to translate all different parts into a mesmeric entirety that breathes beautifully. This Friday (24th February) Wardrobe will release their debut album CRAWLING. Author Verckist will tell us more about it track-by-track. But first, as an introduction to this talented artist, here’s the clip of the album’s single NOWHERE NOW with footage from the legendary animation filmmaker Max Fleisher

Have a seat, dim the lights and relax.
Here’s Crawling in full…

… with reflections track-by-track by frontman/songwriter Johan Verckist

1. Thick As Thieves
“This one is probably the oldest song on the album. I played it on my guitar to sound check my microphones and the mood was just right so I reworked it to fit in with the rest of the songs.
Pascal (note JL: musician Pascal Deweze is the LP’s excellent producer) does a lovely vocal and delayed piano over it and I really love how the drums kind of come in without a warning.”

2. Nowhere Now
“I think this one is Pascal’s favorite. We had lots of fun with the keyboard overdubs we made together. It’s the single.”

3. Nothing Satisfies
“I played this one just to fool around a bit with the band. I never thought it would make the record. But we found the right mood together and I fell in love with the outro we made together.”

4. Sour Time Advocate
“When I was selecting songs for the album, I had a couple of key songs in mind that would certainly make the album and get the vibe right. We had some kind of subtle, moody, late night feel in mind before recording and this song instantly sets the right mood. I have added the very sad and out of tune guitars later at home.”

5. Elegy
“This one’s really an elegy about grief and loss and the hope that reality is just a dream.”

6. Limerence
“I wrote the lyrics for another song but Pieter came up with this lovely bass groove and when we played around a bit, I started to sing the words on it and we thought it worked. So we just had to hit the record button. Love the talk back vocals from Sarah too.”

7. Drop the Hammer
“A song about the relativity of success. Pascal changed the groove a bit when playing on his Wurlitzer so I gets more dragging than it was and I could play around with the timing of the words to give them more emotion.”

8. Before the Flood
“This one’s also an older song. About longing, I guess. I think I got inspired by listening to some Lambchop albums. I once made a demo of it with me djembe-style hitting a snare drum. So I asked Marc to imitate that a little bit. Works fine, I think!”

9. (Just A) Sad Song
“In many ways this is just a sad song as did almost everything live to make the performance of the songs stand out. I played this one on the Wurlitzer and it immediately worked out fine. Just laying down the tracks after that. Nothing more, but definitely nothing less.”

10. Rags
“I just love the irony of three different vocals (Sarah, Pascal and me) singing “I’m alone”. That’s sad, I know.”

11. Man Of Straw
“This one I wrote two days before getting in the studio. We all loved immediately the very specific, airy, mood the chords bring to life. I added a second acoustic guitar (with a specific Nashville tuning) to simulate a very wide guitar sound and, if you listen carefully, you can hear Pascal’s son, Neo, sing a melody underneath the song. I think all the elements just matched together beautifully to make it the last track of the album.”

Thank you, Johan, for guiding us through this magnificent album.
May the road rise with WARDROBE

WARDROBE: Facebook – Fons Records

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