Video(s) of the Day: With Black Lizard’s Joni Seppänen

Joni Seppänen

I was curious to know what the bands I like like, so I asked Joni Seppänen from Black Lizard if he’d pick a video and he kindly dug..
Joni: This one! I love how the magical mystery tour meets Japanese weirdness: Kikagaku Moyo “Kodama”
Me: whoah! have you seen these guys?
Joni: never, I wish they would come here or we would get to play with them somewhere
Me: I saw them in Boston recently
it was like a religious experience
Joni: I bet
Me: electric sitar.

Joni: yeah that’s so cool 

enough talk, let’s get to important things like cat pictures..

Me: this is a fab pick, hadn’t seen
I wish you’d come play over here!
Joni: Would be the best, we have to make so good record next we’re able to come 
Me: You have a tape coming out on here in the US on SpiderChild Records soon?
Joni: yeah, It has taken a while, have to make sure it has some rare stuff on it too
unused songs, covers, demos
Me: Really?
Joni: well, there’s gotta be something, that’s never been out, makes it more interesting
Me: ahaha, to me your music is interesting enough
and you’re recording a new record now as well?
Joni: yeah, we’re going to studio early next year- gonna be bit different style now

Joni. different? you don’t say?

Me: how so?
Joni: I’ve written really folky stuff that might become new lizard songs, have you heard demos?
Me: I’ve heard the Octopus Syng things?
Joni: yeah that’s different project
but this…

using this name for putting out demos


*I hit play and my brain shatters into a million shining points of light*
Me: whoah..
Joni: home recordings to this cheap tracker
Me: I’m smiling, this is so good

Joni: 😀 thanks

the pedal in covet


Me: mellotron?

Joni: electro harmonix mellotron pedal
Me: (geeking out over hearing the ehx mellotron put to use) you did? no way!! I want one of those!!
are you playing it through keyboard?
Joni: no just guitar, cant’ play keys much*
Me: that is amazing, I was wondering how that pedal sounded through guitar
Joni: I love it
Me: are you running these vocals through some sort of tremolo?
Joni: yeah, I got this first version of pod for vocals
old cheap stuff, but it’s enough

Me: I was thinking the other day how your music has classic 60s qualities to it but you make something new like you are evolving that sound.


half of the lizard. which half? you decide..


Black Lizard are from Helsinki, Finland, and they have the wickedest basslines.

* this is interesting because Joni absolutely slays on guitar, and I normally subscribe to the Sonic Boom “One chord best” theory but the following dropped my jaw:

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