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I put together this mix of old and new surfy songs. Some are straight up surf songs and some are just inspired by surf music.
It’s really interesting to trace the history of surf music to the present. One day I would love to compile a list like that. But for now here’s a list of some of my favorite surf/surfy songs. I feel like it should be like 100 songs, but here’s like 12!

Santo and Johnny “Sleepwalk”

Ok this is my 2nd favorite song of all time. (Right after “Shot Down” by The Sonics) I love this song. It was originally titled “Deep Sleep”. “Sleepwalk” is so much better! There aren’t words to describe the way this song makes you feel. Maybe, nostalgic.

The Ventures “Walk Don’t Run”

This version came out in 1960 and is one of the first surf songs to make the Billboard top 100 peaking at #2. It has one of the catchiest guitar riffs of all time. It’s one of my favorite songs to rip on guitar.

The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”

Everybody knows this song, so I included the version with this footage from the studio when they were recording it. Whenever I feel kinda bad or melancholy, this song is like a shot of happiness right to my heart. You gotta keep the good vibrations happening, you know?

The Dakotas “The Cruel Sea”

This song is so great. The guitarist in the band Mike Maxfield actually wrote this one! First The Ventures recorded it. But when his own band The Dakotas recorded it it became a hit in the UK. This one is a keeper!


Vivian Girls “I Heard You Say”

This is one of my favorite bands of all time.

The Yetis “Little Surfer Girl”

This band reminds me of the young Beatles. Loving their vibe so much! This video literally premiered just a few days ago. So fresh.

The Growlers “Black Memories”

This song has great lyrics! It’s off of their 2014 album Chinese Fountain. This song is great to chill out to.

Allah-La’s “Vis-A-Vis”

This is my favorite song by Allah-Las. I can literally listen to it like 100 times and not get tired of it. I love the lyrics in this song. Everybody can relate to it.

The Breeders “Flipside”

This is a classic off of a classic album. Beach Day playing with the Breeders on their Last Splash tour is literally one of the highlights of my entire life. They are such a great live band. I was singing loudly at the side of the stage during their whole show like a super fan girl freak.

Surf Punks “My Beach”

It’s hard to even believe this is real, but it is! It’s the 80’s. It’s fluorescent and just awesome.

Tacocat “Crimson Wave”

Beach Day “Beach Day”

This is our very first video. Came out in 2012. This is the very first song Skyler and I wrote together. It basically kickstarted our band. We recorded it in a friend’s house in Miami Beach. Then went back to add organ and 12 string in a studio later on. When we wrote this song we were just so excited about playing music. Just pure fun.

Kanine Records, Beach Day


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