Video of the Day….Starry Eyes by The Records


I’m reaching back into the vault for today’s video.

Back in the day I completely wore out a copy of The Records debut album (I have since bought another one). For my money, Starry Eyes is one of the greatest pop songs ever written (kind of – see below).

The picture quality in the first video isn’t great, but the song sure is so I added a live version!

As a side note – The Records drummer – Will Birch has gone on, ahem, “record” in saying that Starry Eyes (1979) was “a shameless re-write of Eddie and the Hot Rods’ Do Anything You Wanna Do” (1977).

Okay it’s close, but they’re both fine songs.

Anyway, believe or not, John Wicks and The Records are still at it:
John Wicks and The Records – Website

Will Birch – The Records Biography

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