Video Of The Day ! SEX PISTOLS – The Day Punk Died In San Francisco…

14 January 2016…

The Sex Pistols ! The best punk rock band ever in my book. Four lost
snotnoses who made the best punk ‘bollocks’ rock album ever. (I’m talking
about the original line up including Glen MatlockSid Vicious was a naive,
manipulated non-musician who was dropped in by the late, unscrupulous
so-called-manager Malcolm McClaren for his looks and his sneers. The
poor boy didn’t survive the evil ‘hard drugs’ side of rock & roll). Four London
brats – bored teenagers – who changed rock music radically (musically and
lyrically) without realizing it themselves at all in those troubled seventies days.


Their pretty vacant attitude, their nasty and speedy wall-of-punk-sound fury and Johnny Rotten‘s society’s comments, sharp as a razorblade, made all mega rock bands back then look and sound like stupid-boring-rich-puppets (which the Pistols turned into themselves with their take-the-money-and-run reunion tours many years later. Capitalistic cheaters.) Enmity between band members, Sid’s huge drug problem and amateurish management killed an awesome young band. Too much too soon. Nobody ever matched their explosive and, unfortunately, self-destroying momentum. Their final gig – on their disastrous and awfully organized first US tour – was in San Francisco on 14 January 1978 – 38 years ago today – and cynically the last song was a cover of The Stooges’ ‘No Fun’.

It was the day that the real punk spirit, born in a city’s working class slum, died and would be replaced by fabricated mega fake bands – the list is long – worldwide (who look and sound
like stupid-boring-rich puppets). Here’s that vitriolic end…



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