Video of the Day “Watch Your Back” by The Coathangers

“Watch Your Back” by the Atlanta-based trio, punk rockers The Coathangers, is here to get your Sunday back on track. The passion you get in every guitar riff, heavy drum beats and those sultry vocals hit you hard. The immediate response is to jump around, hands in the air and your head bobbing to the beat. The “Watch Your Back” video was released at the end of last year, and is a good sign of what is to be on their next album, Nosebleed Weekend, due out April 2016. This will be the fifth album by The Coathangers, with no signs of slowing down. These girls know how to do it, they have been doing it since 2006. Forming as friends, serious about what they wanted to accomplish. They have managed to stay true to their original sound keeping a fresh style without sounding repetitious.

The Coathangers

Julia Kugel-guitarist/vocalist
Meredith Franco-bass/vocals
Stephanie Luke-drums/vocals

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