Video of the Day: Amasa Hines Audiotree Live Session

A couple weeks ago Stephen asked the very good question, “What’s in the water down there in Arkansas?” We’ve featured several Arkansas bands here at 50thirdand3rd, and not just because it’s the place I call my true home. Honestly, 50thirdand3rd was featuring Arkansas sounds long before I showed up, but I sure don’t mind continuing to tout my southern digs as the birthplace of some pretty amazing bands.

Little Rock’s Amasa Hines is truly no exception. The seven piece is undeniably one of the greatest musical forces to come out of the state in a very long time. Amasa Hines released their first full-length, All the World There Is, in 2014, and last month recorded a session with the venerated Audiotree. It’s always a treat to see these guys live and this session doesn’t disappoint with their mysterious and unique soul-infused psych rock.

Can’t get enough of these guys? Me either. You can follow Amasa Hines here:


Twitter: @amasahines

Instagram: @amasahinesofficial

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