Video Of The Day – JL’s Track For The New President Of The U.S.A.

Yesterday was a black day for all of us, worldwide, who believe and understand that solidarity is the one and only way to survive decently, in peace and harmony, and are now confronted
with an idiotic bully as 45th President of the USA. He hates China, he hates Europe, he hates immigrants, he hates poor people, he hates actually anybody except for his miserable self and his criminal buddy Putin (who has the time of his life and will crush Eastern Europe anytime soon) and he’s capable of building a wall all around the United States of America, yes, he’s THAT dumb. Like John ‘Rotten’ Lydon once said: “If you talk like an asshole and you look like an asshole… YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!” Anyway, I’ll keep on listening to great music all of the time. NOBODY will take THAT away from me. Here’s one for you, silly Trumpet


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