Video of the Day…Double Feature – Baroness/Royal Thunder



It is a veritable feast for fans of heavy music right now; there are so many amazing bands stretching and challenging the boundaries of what some call metal. But let’s not put these two bands in that box.

Today I couldn’t choose which video to post so I’m posting two!

Baroness continue to release challenging and stellar records. Their latest – Purple – is their first since the band was involved in a horrific bus crash while on tour in the UK in 2012. The record was more than cathartic for the band, particularly guitarist/vocalist John Baizley who was laid up in England for over a month with his injuries.


BARONESS – Facebook

I saw Royal Thunder live recently and I must say they made a huge impression, especially the voice of bassist/vocalist Mlny Parsonz.  The Atlanta rockers released their second album last year – the amazing Crooked Doors and are currently on tour with The Sword.


Royal Thunder – Facebook

Royal Thunder photo: Kevin Griggs


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