Twisted Psychedelica and Glu-Wave ! MEET… DAYCONES !

I wonder sometimes what bedrooms are for. I thought those places were built for sleeping and having sex but according to the internet, and we know the internet is always right, bedrooms are made for… recording music in. Many one-man-bands produce their stuff without leaving the house. Ryan Janke aka Daycones is one of them. And he just released his excellent, mind twisting new album ‘The Cruel Echo’ (bandcamp link beneath). A thrilling, psychedelic journey. At times very melodic, at times even funky, but most of the time… far out. Perfect ! Best heard on headphones with the lights out in your… bedroom.

Hello Ryan. Pleased to meet you…

Daycones? Is it a name? Is it a place?
“It comes from a nickname I was given. I lived in a house with a bunch of awesome dudes and my friend Andy would get us all riled up to go to the park and play football. I was carrying some cones and he said: “They were COOOONES!” It became my identity from that point on… to the extent of writing Casa de Cones.”

Where do you live, eat and sleep?
“In a guest house studio in Tucson, AZ.”

How would you label your music?
“Something between psych-rock, Heino and freak folk. Strange but sticky… Glu-Wave. Yeah man, it’s that Glu-Wave sound that all the pop stars are desperately trying to emulate. I recall the time I met Taylor Swift at an ‘In and Out’. She was clearly hopped up on amphetamines and her breath wreaked of alcohol as she proceeded to ask for my help: “Hey Daycones, teach me how to Glu-Wave.” So, I invited her over. I got so excited and everything, that I started to clean my house. I swept, knocked down the cobwebs, skipped the cat box because it wasn’t too offensive and then she never showed up. Go figure.”
She could have been the first Glu-Wave girl…

You mostly record in your bedroom. Too lazy to get up and find a proper studio?
“Well, as of five days ago, I no longer record in a bedroom. I am in a place that resembles a studio now. My very own tiny house. Lazy? That’s dumb. I inherited my father’s DIY work ethic. It would be pretty sweet to go into a recording studio and come out with a turd-polished recording but where is the fun in that? Where is the growth in that? Like, right now, I ‘kinda’ know how to record and master music after doing it a year and a half. Just like any DIY home-improvement project, you could spend a shit-ton of money on some lame-ass contractor to do the work for you or you could take the time to do it yourself.”

Who needs a recording studio with a lame-ass contractor…

Any other musicians living in your bedroom?
“Only the multiple personalities in my head. My guitarist is kind of an asshole.”

Your new album ‘The Cruel Echo’ messes with my head just like David Lynch’s movies do. Any connection between the two?
“Hmmm… I can’t escape this comparison. I have heard it quite a few times. I know that there is something a little unsettling about both our work. In another write-up, someone said that the record “sucks you into a headspace, whether you want it to or not.” I guess that is how I have always felt about David’s films. When I was laying out the order of the tracks, I could see that there was something that played out in a style that fits experimental narrative film. I know both David and I use meditation as a source of creativity. Creating from the subconscious to allow others access to a dream state. Or maybe it’s that we are both coffee addicts? Or maybe my jaw-line shares a striking resemblance to Kyle MacLachlan? Either way, this is some damn-good coffee.”

Daycones’ succesful secret: Lynch and coffee…

What does psychedelic music means to your ears?
“BeeEEeeewwwww weeooOoh weeooh bwahhHH bwahh chickachickachickachicka wwahhhhhngggg digga weEEEee!. Just kidding. I can recall being about 5 years old, sitting in the rear-facing back seat of my parent’s station wagon. We were returning home from my aunts wedding reception. White vinyl tents with clear fan-spread view windows. The perfect blend of elegance and carnival trash. I clearly remember it was a beautiful, Wisconsin Spring/Summer day. I was absolutely loaded on sugar treats and kiddie coctails, I was crashing hard. The radio was tuned in to the oldies station and I can distinctly recall hearing ‘Light My Fire’ by The Doors. The swirling organ along with some ‘old man’ singing. It was the inaugural psychedelic experience.”

His first psychedelic experience…

What about playing live?
“I am working on live performances. My friend Mark is helping me out by lending his skills on the percushhh.”

If you could go back in musical history, who would you like to meet?
“Roy Orbison for making the most thoroughly enjoyable music of all time. And Beethoven.”

“Pleased to meet you, Big O. My name is Daycones….”

Are the social media a blessing or a pain in the ass for an artist?
“I think that it is definitely a blessing for an artist if they have the willingness to use social media as another format to express their visions. You have a variety of formats on how your creative voice can be expressed.”

What record would you play on the planet of Mars?
The soundtrack to 2001: A Space Oddysey.”

Who killed president J.F. Kennedy?
“I have gone back and forth between many possibilities in my lifetime: The CIA, Lyndon Johnson, The Cubans, The Russians and so forth. But now I have come to accept that it was Oliver Stone, Gary Oldman and Kevin Costner.”


Are your parents proud of what you do?
My Dad recently told me: “Follow your dream.” It was the best thing I could have ever heard him say but then he topped it with: “I shot a deer on Sunday. Getting a bunch of venison hot sticks made up.”

Jefferson Airplane or The Grateful Dead?
Jefferson Airplane… hands down.

Hail hail…

What’s your favorite Christmas song?
” ‘Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time’ by Paul McCartney and Wings…. duh.”

What can we expect from Daycones in 2015?
I am hoping to spend some time traveling the west coast, playing shows, writing new material and enjoying life I guess.

… and Glu-Wave is his message !

Here’s ‘The Cruel Echo’ in full ! Enjoy the magic ride …
The Cruel Echo by Daycones


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