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This is one of those times, the music will talk for itself. I’ve been a big fan of Cow-Punk / Country Punkabilly since the early days of Southern Culture on the Skids, nothing about it that I don’t love. Whiskey Daredevils are right there , laying it down , if you want to start your weekend off by listening to some kick ass tunes, you’re in the right place. That choice is yours, but seeing that you are reading this, you would be cheating yourself out of some good times, so go ahead and turn up that Country Punkabilly….

Meet The Band

We are the Whiskey Daredevils from Cleveland Ohio. We are America’s finest country punkabilly band, and I don’t say that because we are maybe America’s only country punkabilly band, it’s because we are pretty good. People like us that see us. Not everyone knows about us, so if you are reading this thinking, “I wonder if I’d like those guys?” it is probably worth your time to check us out. There aren’t many bands to compare us to right now, as this is a bit of a fallow period for what we do. There are a lot of folks that are under the impression that Jack Johnson is country music, and Mumford and Sons are American roots. They aren’t. It’s not that they aren’t good at what they do. They are just the bright fluffy example of what happens when you shine up American roots rock to sell it to suburban malls and Moms in SUVs. We don’t care about market share or getting on a movie soundtrack. We play the music that we like to hear and hope you like it too. If you don’t, that’s OK.

We like a whole bunch of different kinds of music, and that inevitably seeps into what we sound like. Link Wray, Johnny Cash, The Sonics, Black Flag, Southern Culture on the Skids, the Sadies, Johnny Burnette, Merle Haggard, Social Distortion, the Byrds, Dead Kennedys, Rolling Stones, and blah blah blah… When you spend as much time in the van as we do, there is a never ending supply of music that you listen to between stops at Pilot Truck Stops.

Leo (the drummer) and I were in a band called The Cowslingers that were somewhat well known in the late 90s/early 2000s. When that band ended we started up the Whiskey Daredevils in 2004. Sugar took over on bass from my brother (the old Cowslinger bass player) and at about the same time Gary came on board after moving to the NE Ohio area after recording several terrific instrumental records with his band The Mofos. All those Cowslinger and Mofo records are worth listening to as well. If you like what you hear with the Daredevils, I think you have something like 20 full length records between the three bands to check out.

We all have various jobs in addition to making music. That is the fallout of making country punkabilly as opposed to electronic dance music in a plastic helmet. We don’t get $400,000 to play parties in Ibeza. Maybe we need a new booking agent… We have been at this a long time now. Rock and roll used to be a young man’s game. It isn’t anymore. There is an entire generation that is under the impression that plugging in a computer into an enormous sound system and moving your arms around to electronic beats is performing live. It’s not. It’s going to a disco and you are the guy that brought the music. We get out there and play to people that are interested in something real that is happening off the grid a bit. There are still real people interested in real musicians playing actual songs. I know they are out there. I meet them all the time. We try to find those people and bring them into our little world.

We have some new material coming out now. There is an EP we will be selling at gigs called “The Genny Session” we recorded at Rust Belt in Detroit with John Smerek. It was recorded entirely in one eight hour session. I think it really came out great. We have a new seven inch that Scott is putting out that couples two songs that came from the same minor incident prior to a show in Circleville OH. I was walking from the men’s room and overheard three women talking. The one said to the others “Don’t talk to Connie. She’s drunk tonight…” as some type of warning. I thought that was great and Gary and I quickly wrote a song called “Don’t Talk to Connie”. While recording that in January in Nashville, Dexter Green our producer said, “Hey Greg! Get in there and do the vocal on that Please Stop Hitting Connie song!”. I thought that was such an incredible mistake. It is maybe the worst song title ever, and pure commercial suicide. The best part of “Please Stop Hitting Connie” is that it has a great hook and you can’t get rid of it once it is in your head. It always kills in a live setting. These are two songs about the same person from two different angles. It’s a natural 45. Finally this Fall we have a full length vinyl LP called “Nashville Surprise”. That title refers to the fact that what bunch of idiots goes to Nashville and then records a rock record? It’s a nice loud in your face record.

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with thanks to Scott at Hidden Volume Records for telling me about the greatness of Whiskey Daredevils. and like they said up top…..

“We have a new seven inch that Scott is putting out that couples two songs that came from the same minor incident prior to a show in Circleville OH.”

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