Trippin’ on PRIMAL SCREAM at Triumphant Show in LONDON…

PRIMAL SCREAM – Brixton Academy, London – 15 December 2016  

First encore C-o-m-e T-o-g-e-t-h-e-r reflected the gig’s mesmeric & jubilant atmosphere just perfectly. The whole crowd danced in trance, thousand of hands in the air singing the song’s title out loud while the PA threatened to explode any second. It felt like a spiritual experience, like a massive gospel infused gathering. WOW! Truly special…

It inspired me (Belgian) to invite some new made British friends for one night, around me in
the very front of the legendary Brixton Academy venue, to come together  again with Europe. Everybody agreed with loud cheers. Get the picture? Primal Scream‘s euphorically inspiring sonic passion united people! A wonderful sight and a heartwarming feel of excitement…

Like I said, truly special. The mind-elevating ceremony started from the very beginning
when the band opened with magnum opus Screamadelica‘s soulful dance doped cracker Movin’ On Up and ended almost two hours later with smashing big bang Rocks. In between The Scream‘s founder, frontman and mastermind Bobby Gillespie invited the dedicated crowd constantly and cleverly, running from left to right, to go completely bananas…

Have a look at the setlist below and you’ll get my drift. From the disco pop of Where the Light Gets In to the crushing electro punk of Swastika Eyes and the heavy adrenaline rock injection of Country Girl. A swirling jukebox to start and finish parties all over the globe…

A stream of electrifying fireworks with, midway, ballad (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind creating a Christmassy mood and giving our body the opportunity to relax for a couple of minutes. After all these years and several line-up changes Primal Scream is still one of the best bona fide live bands around. Also since groovy bassist Simone Butler replaced fab Stone Rose Mani, three years ago the band looks sexy & glamorous for the very first time in their existence instead of druggy, far-out and at times completely wasted (which was bloody cool in a rock ‘n roll way too, of course)…

… and with Chaosmosis they delivered the best amplified pop album of 2016. Hail hail! It was a fantastic loaded night out before diving into London‘s buzzing Christmas madness
for a couple of days and nights. I’m still trippin’ on their love right now, right here…

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1. Movin’ Up
2. Where The Light Gets In
3. Jailbird
4. Accelerator
5. (Feeling Like a) Demon Again
6. Shoot Speed/Kill Light
7. (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind
8. Higher Than The Sun
9. Trippin’ On Your Love
10. 100% or Nothing
11. Swastika Eyes
12. Loaded
13. Country Girl
14. Come Together
15. Rocks


(All concert pics by JL)

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