Trina: 15 years/15 Videos Celebrating Rap’s Baddest Bitch

Before Azealia vs. Azalea was grabbing headlines, there was Miami’s homegrown rap diva Trina, aka Diamond Princess aka Da Baddest Bitch, a super versatile MC.

Last week marked the 15 year anniversary of Trina’s debut album and single Da Baddest Bitch, so I compiled a list of 15 fabulous Trina videos. Heavy on designer clothes, flashy cars, popping colors, dirty deeds, wild sex, beachfront antics and beautiful people, they epitomize everything that’s glorious about that SoBe life.

Artists like Kanye, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Keyshia Cole, Diddy, Kelly Rowland and Rick Ross guest on tracks ranging from Crunk to Ballad.  Enjoy!


1).  Da Baddest Bitch (2000)



Welcome to The World of the Baddest Bitch, she’s going to teach us many lessons.  Leaving no doubt as to who’s boss on her debut, the look and sound give supervillain vibes, as Trina terrorizes real-life football player ex Warren Sapp, in his posh Miami home.  Systematically defacing his property and bragging about her sexual prowess, watching Trina here is like watching Jack Nicholson as The Joker, spray paint the Mona Lisa, in what is arguably Batman’s finest scene.  Witnessing the dollar amount tally of the damaged goods is a comedic bonus.  Lesson learned: you will pay if you try to play Trina.


2). Told Y’All  (2002)



Diamonds Princesses are forever, in this James Bond flavored video.  This track originally appeared on the All About The Benjamins movie soundtrack, a caper film featuring Eva Mendes, Mike Epps and Ice Cube, who are featured in the video.

Much of the action takes place with Trina dancing around in a set fashioned to resemble the inside of a diamond, outfitted in blue, with verses super smooth, just like the dancers who appear to be straight out of Vegas.  The percussion sounds and Ice Cube’s backwards car chase on Lincoln road give off unmistakable 305 feels.  Besides Cube, the notable cameo is by a tubby guy with a robust flow, aka young Rick Ross, pre Boss era.  Clad in both Celtics and Lakers jerseys and without his shades, one thing’s for sure, he found his hook before his look.


3).  B R Right featuring Ludacris (2003)


This opens with the tour bus pulling up to the hotel, as 2Chainz, Kanye West and Ludacris emerge and are greeted by an overzealous nerd of a bellhop.

Before he even dropped out of college Kanye was a dope producer, this post-Blueprint song’s proof of that.  “Trina it’s Luda” sets it off and we catch up with Diamond Princess mid-manicure chilling in her Penthouse suite. Included in this clip is, to my knowledge, what could be the first audible fart in an MTV approved clip.  The fact that a hot blonde bikini model is the perpetrator just makes it that much more intriguing.

Girls weekend featuring R&B group Blaque, who also sing back-up, and waterballooning swimsuit models figure prominently.  As do violin sounds and a puzzling bit that jokingly alludes to a Crying Game-like ending.


4). Here We Go featuring Kelly Rowland (2005)


This very pretty and rather mournful ballad laments messy breakups.  There’s a scene where a cake is massively hacked up, but not to be eaten, to be destroyed.  Just like love gone wrong can do to a fragile heart.  Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child and solo stardom sings the hook.


5).  Pull Over (2000)

If Biggie’s signature vocal punctuation was a grunting  “Unngh!” for emphasis, then Miss Trina’s is a joyful “Whoop whoop!”.  This track and video are Miami to the bone, featuring South Beach bikini bunnies in inner tube arrangements reminiscent of old MGM musicals; think raunchy Ester Williams choreography and Baywatch style splashing around in waterfalls.  As she’s implored to ‘Pull over that ass too fat!” Trina twerks on water like some kind of savior.  But my favorite part is as she spits from atop a jet ski over Caribbean drum sounds.


6).  Million Dollar Girl featuring Keri Hilson and Diddy (2010)


You know you’re big-time when Diddy and Keri Hilson guest on your track.

And Trina certainly is hot here, in full-on Barbie mode.  A bouncy melodic pop song that starts as Trina skips off of the private jet, visuals are complete with shopping sprees, Pink Ferraris, butlers in full Jeeves regalia and colorful Warhol portrait shots of Trina.  The melody and hook gives me Sex in The City the Movie fantasy sequence feelings. Pretty Girl Rock indeed.


7). Money Ain’t A Problem (2014)


A good old homage to self-care and retail therapy, this video is a rare treat for Hip Hop Illuminati theorists, from the jump, with an Eyes Wide Shut opening featuring masked ladies in lingerie in a spooky mansion.  Among some exquisite beauties there’s a Kim Kardashian lookalike.  Even more titillating for Illuminati-watchers is Trina breaking it down in verses clad only in full black and white checkerboard body paint which even covers her face. Eerie!  All this as she raps about Bal Harbor shopping til her feet hurt.

This is of course less enigmatic that the imagery, considering that Trina wears “Louboutins as loafers”.


8).  Fuck Love featuring Tory Lanez (2014)



Ahh breaking up is hard to do, unless your ex is really, really trifling.  Here we find the Diamond Princess fed up with a clueless egomaniac of an ex, so fed up that she buries this time-wasting ex with a shovel.  We don’t get to see the actual method of death, only the disposal as a dressed up Trina stalks around her mansion perfecting her sparkling eye makeup.  I mean, she could be just driving to the woods with a shovel to bury some unwanted trinkets from her ex?

Torey Laenz sings the super ear worm hook and ex in question may or may not be one French Montana.  Who may or may not remind me of Herman Munster in every way, down to his flow.  Who knows?


9).  Single Again (2008)


Single Again the song, chronicles the Baddest Bitch’s breakup with real life fiance Lil Wayne (then at his peak) and personal breakthrough post split.

Single Again the video, is the November Rain of the Trina oeuvre, if for no other reason than we get to see her in a wedding ceremony that doesn’t work out.  As in November Rain, the dramatized reenactments include many real life friends who were there for the whole thing.  Rick Ross is Slash to Trina’s Axl.  Trina as runaway bride ditches her cheating fiance, then escapes on a cruise with her girlfriends tossing caution to the wind and cellphone in the poolwater.  Caught up in the rapture of a far flung romance complete with sex in private planes, and wobbly nights sipping Lean, we get a taste of her memories.  We end with the Baddest Bitch relaxed and celebrating with her crew, including aforementioned, now boss, Rick Ross.


10).  That’s My Attitude (2010)


Unapologetic Leader of The Pack swagger, this video is about Trina just being Trina, as well as an homage to Marlon Brando in The Wild One.  A sort of Baddest Bitch primer, and literally spelling out the art of the deal “m-o-n-e-y”, Trina tells us exactly how she rolls in regards to keeping em in line, men as lovers and women as friends.  Hair styled in a pompadour, bad ass girl gang behind her, this is an Alpha Bitch Anthem.  Of course this is a very designer girl gang, comprised of fashion models in designer threads, and among the motorcycles we see Maybachs.

Hey- that’s just her attitude.


11). Don’t Trip featuring Lil Wayne (2005)


Then coupled up Trina and Lil Wayne get right to it, in this he-said she-said ode to the rules of The Game, as told by a what seems like a Crunkified Jay and Beyonce.  Naturally Miami figures prominently, as Wayne begins his verse in Little Haiti.  Most of the action appears to occur at a VIP table and in a Rolls Royce, with some breaks for our Diamond Princess to delicately twerk and do full splits.   Life is but a dream for Trina and Wayne here, as they dispense cups of Lean and relationship advice to their inner circle.


12).  White Girl featuring Flo Rida (2010)


Ironically everyone’s skin tone is green in this video, which employs a Christmasy color scheme- all red and green evverthang.

Trina raps about “me and Katy waking up in Vegas” in a tongue in cheek tribute to Girls Night Out featuring fellow Floridian Flo Rida.

Taking place in a strip club, it’s a bouncy pop tribute to eager to be corrupted,  rhythm-free Party Monsters aka White Girls.  Sorority sisters work the stripper pole while the Baddest Bitch eggs everyone on imploring us to “Party Like a White Girl”.  Personally, I can’t help but comply.


13).  I Got A Thang For You featuring Keyshia Cole (2008)


Featuring Keyshia Cole, here our  Diamond Princess Trina is in a purely  romantic mood for this slow jam, as she lays out her ideal romantic situation.  Trina’s identified her ideal man and let’s him know, but is cautious about heartbreak and talking ot slowly, despite wanting to go all in and find Brad Pitt for her Jolie.

The Keisha Cole hook plants this tune in full Adult Contemporary, Waiting To Exhale ballad territory.

Ahhh Grown-up love…..


14).  Look Back At Me featuring Killer Mike  (2008)


Ooh Trina at her baddest! Dirty dirty South featuring Killer Mike and a whole lotta action in a Range Rover.

Dispensing phone sex, and rocking neon leotards in an Aerobics class Trina talks very dirty to us here as well as getting quite physical.

The look and sound are very 1980s with a spare Electro feel that you can hear hints of today on hipster darling and innovative rapper, Danny Brown’s tracks.

There’s a lot going on here, even on the allegedly clean version.  And I’m not the least bit mad about it.


15).  Long Heels Red Bottoms (2011)


This is something to dance to.  Here we vibe with Trina in the club, channeling a bit of Madonna in Express Yourself menswear inspired fashion.  Totally repping the 305, Trina’s flow is glorious on this track, please don’t mistake this 2011 homage to Louboutins for just another shopping trip.

Trina’s message of empowered  womanhood is clear with lyrics like:

“I’m grinding hard so, fuck they crew

That’s different, shout out to the woman that’s focused

Don’t listen if they don’t know shit”


(Sweet Sixteen Bonus Audio Only Track for Bad Bitch Readers.)


16).  Real One featuring Rico Love (2015)



Cheers Trina for 15 years of solo success and groundbreaking artistry. Your Miami look and sound have permeated pop culture, and high fashion alike. Da Baddest Bitch reigns supreme.


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