Track by Track – Universal Thee -” All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace”


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Universal Thee – All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace

The album is about the difficult journey of self discovery you undertake as a young adult and the subsequent dehumanisation and deconstruction of that self when you become part of the workforce, in a neo-liberal western economy. The negative impacts of being valued based upon statistical achievement has upon a someone’s sense of self worth.

Why is about communication difficulties and the awkwardness of being misunderstood. It’s also about reactionary people, the kind of people who believe that honesty means you should make snap judgements about someone, then proceed to abuse them based on the (probably incorrect) judgements you’ve made about their character.

Keep Falling is a coming of age song about the more sordid parts of the human sexual awakening experience and materialism, feeling the need to prove yourself, an empty cycle of sex and self loathing. This gives way to a kind of attempt at moral righteousness towards the end of the song, a rejection of the previously mentioned cycle plus a political awakening. It’s about how even the attempts to grow up and become a more mature well rounded human are signposts of the very immaturity you are attempting to cast aside.

Speaker is about falling in love with music. The song that you hear from the speaker breaking through and capturing your mind.

Xang is about trying to fit in, finding it difficult to communicate your feelings about unrequited love and missed opportunities.

Lost as Sea is about being a bit of a mess. Forgetting about the people who care about you. Hedonistic behaviour, narcissism. A life of endless parties and a refusal to be grounded in reality. A fake life full of fake people and the sudden realisation that you might be better off returning to life you had before.

Hey is about histrionic people. People who are deliberately sabotaging their own lives by repeating mistakes or romanticising terrible life choices they make. People who want to create a cult of celebrity about themselves. People who don’t understand that we are all irrelevant in the face of such a vast Universe; and that this frees us from a lot of pressure.

Hamlet 3 is about how we just accept that world is unfair, that we behave and even vote out of self interest rather than the good of others. It does have an optimistic side to it, suggesting that maybe one day we’ll aim for something fairer than we have at present.

Sail Away is about wanting to exact sudden change over your destiny. You come to the realisation that your current life is nothing like you had intended it to be when you were young. With every passing day you feel your identity shift more towards that of a working drone. It’s about someone wanting to break free from key performance indicators and targets, to feel valued as humans again, not rated based on our statistical achievements.

Hounds is about sudden hypervigilance, panic, and an awareness that you’ve been sleepwalking through your life. That you should try and re-assert your individuality.

Light On relates to the disproportionate levels of anger elicited by trivial matters, that we all experience, the human desire to argue and the extent to which this is caused by latent frustrations. It’s about deliberately fixating on the past to make ourselves angry, indirect venting. Not understanding the origins of our frustrations and of impotent rage.

Universal Thee:

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