Track by Track – “The City’s Ours” by Monster Monster


Track by Track” is written by the Artist who make the music possible. Today we feature – Monster Monster great voice , highly recommend you give this excellent EP a listen.

The City’s Ours
At it’s heart this song is about being young, the future’s wide open to both good and bad. Our reference for this song is Dublin’s Camden Street at around 2:30am. The song tries to strike a balance between the excitement and sense of immortality of a night out against the actual dangers and menace a city possesses late at night. We argued more on this tune than on any other until we were both happy with the result. We now argue over other things.

You’re My Fix
This is a song about desire. The song began unexpectedly when watching Dublin commuters queue at a bus stop. Watching a stranger doing the most ordinary thing, like waiting for their bus home, and wondering what she might be thinking. I decided she was thinking of her lover, imagined or not. Also, turns out she’s a sex addict.

I attempted to co-write a screen play with my brother for a black comedy based on a woman who discovers she was, in fact, the other, other woman. In a drunken, jealous rage, she accidentally orders a hit on her ex-lover before subsequently falling in love with the hit man whose identity is unbeknownst to her.

Anyway, we are still waiting for Hollywood to come knocking. In the meantime, I wrote a tune for the movie. It probably isn’t coincidental that the song and production ended up feeling cinematic.

At Your Door
This is what happens when you love and keep listening to Florence + The Machine. The song was originally written in a major key but moving it to minor helped darken the tone. It’s a song about being vulnerable (and a little weird).

Monster Monster:

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