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‘Hospital Bed’ by JENNIE VEE

JENNIE VEE, Canadian-born singer-songwriter, guitarist & bassist is back with brand new single HOSPITAL BED. A stimulating energy filled my room from the first chord on as this is
a sparkling pop cracker driven by a highly rhythmic engine, electrified with fuzzy guitars and spiced with a catchy chorus. But, despite this amplified intensity Vee‘s vocals sounded moody and somewhat distressed. Listening closely again the lyrics explained why. I found out that her sister is in trouble, struggling with addiction and her demons in a hospital. Suddenly the color and the context of the song changed leaving me behind with mixed emotions only hoping that everything turned out just fine for Jennie‘s sister, for herself, her family and everyone closely involved. Experience here what is written from a worried heart and a confused mind. It’ll feel like a (disturbing) love song in the end. Life is not a rose garden, never was, never will be…

I watch you drift away
they cannot ease the pain
and words cannot express the things
that I have to say to you
intervention oh my god
emergency through and through
they are saying you could die and
this might be the last day
I watch you…

Lie in a hospital bed
hopelessly disconnected
you better fight your demons
I know they got you bleeding

I gotta let it go
I plan to be gone then
we are both uncomfortable,
clinical illogical
underneath fluorescent lights
turn my back
to make it right
you’re the one whose suffering
how can I say anything
this might be the last time
I beg you

Maybe you’ll go to rehab
maybe you’ll get better
don’t be like our father
dead after December
I wanna fight this disease
exorcise your demons
draws me in like a bad dream
but nobody can fight this
for you

Everything is perfect
everything is quiet
whole in mind and spirit
silence shows our respect

‘Hospital Bed’ will be on Jennie Vee‘s new EP, titled Suffer, out next month
and available for pre-order via her Pledgemusic campaign. All details here .

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