Track by Track -“This Machine Kills Itself “by The Pizza Thieves


Growing up in an age when FM Radio was our primary guide to who we needed to listen to, I totally get the frustration that many of todays bands must feel. You’re working your but off to create good music while others who don’t deserve 2 seconds of time are making millions of dollars by being mediocre assholes and here you are putting out some rather good rock n roll a little on The Replacements side of things with a dash of The Pogues or maybe it’s the other way round, regardless of any of that , Pizza Thieves are a Band that needs some attention given to them, it’s just good old rock n roll and in another time who knows you would have seen them on 120 Minutes but instead you will hear about them here at 50thirdand3rd…and that is why , I keep doing this…

Track by Track is written by the Band…..

Track 01 – Flowers Of The Forest

This is a traditional Scottish bagpipe song that is played at funerals. It’s a beautiful melody that’s been around since at least the 17th century. We had Bryan Crable come in to perform the track on the bagpipes.

Track 02 – This Is Yr Mind

Basically, just a song about losing control and your mind turning against you.

Track 03 – Prozac Holiday

Ever been on a lot of psych meds? This song is for you. It’s a strange feeling to have to take chemicals to feel sane, and they can be a real pain in the ass. But, I can say that there have been some that have helped me. While making fun of the whole strange system, this is by no means an anti-medicine song. If you’re sick (mentally or physically) seek treatment, please.

Track 04 – Sweetheart

Ah, a sort of awkward love song? A bit melodramatic, I suppose. Written a long time ago.

Track 05 – Apathy

There’s a lot of feeling in this song for it to be titled “Apathy”. When one is severely depressed, occasional little fleeting moments of extreme feeling come out, but are quickly extinguished in a black void of complete apathy.

Track 06 – Far Away

Running away from your problems doesn’t usually work, but it still seems enticing. That vocal harmony was a ton of fun to record, by the way.

Track 07 – Too Cool To Spit

A whiny little nihilistic song. Much ado about nothing.

Track 08 – All Quiet On The Western Front

The line, “Nothing’s changing and the nothing remains unchanged”, pretty much sums this one up. The emotional, logical, tactile, they all fray until their breaking point and then you implode.

Track 09 – Broken Sadsack Skeleton-Boy

At some point you look at yourself and you just seem like a walking corpse. You then realize that that’s what you look like to other people and that at a certain point even to the best intentioned person thats what they’ll view you as after long enough.

Track 10 – A Few Choice Words

A few choice words, 555 words to be exact, about how everything changes, everything gets screwed up when you go full mental breakdown mode. Your sense of self, your relationships, your hygiene, your sleeping, eating, everything.

Track 11 – This House Has Fallen Apart

A track about that hopeless feeling you get when you look back at all of the life you wasted. Regardless, of what circumstances got you there, I think everyone can relate to the empty feeling of remembering things that passed you by and time you can never get back. For some this album may be too difficult of a listen, but hopefully someone out there finds meaning in it, and it provides some kind of catharsis.

The Pizza Thieves

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