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“Track by Track” is a somewhat newer feature here at 50thirdand3rd. We give a Band that we would like to give more exposure to an opportunity to write a little something about their latest work. Today that Band is Sweet Tooth out of Portland. Very cool Garage / Garagepop vibe. The album “Pretty Girls” is an excellent introduction to Sweet Tooth reminds me a little of Buddy Holly meeting up with 2015. So crank up those speakers and give a listen to Sweet Tooth…..

From , Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth was started in the Winter of 2013 as a recording project by Derek Rufo and Tony Giordano. Two orphaned, identical twin brothers separated at birth reunited through their shared interest in painting fences. They recorded a four song EP, but shortly decided to form a live band. The idea behind the band was a mix of the new garage sound, classic 50’s/60’s rock and roll, and smooth bossa nova sounds, airing more towards the pop side. At the end of 2013, Sweet Tooth started playing shows locally and began recording the album “Pretty Girls.” The album was multi-track recorded in a number of different houses throughout Portland by Derek and Tony. The whole album was made on GarageBand. “Pretty Girls” was self released on February 4, 2014 but is now distributed by Resurrection Records. The band now consists of Tim Bailey, Micheal Maire, Tony Giordano, and Derek Rufo. We have plenty of new material that we play live and new recordings soon to come.

Track By Track breakdown:

Walk The Dog – “This was the first song we ever worked on together. It was originally recorded on a loop station. We shortened the song when we went to do the album to make it more of an intro track. Its only about 30 seconds long but came together pretty easily and is probably the best sounding recording on the album.

Pretty Girls – “I don’t want to say goodnight.” Written about a guy who was desperate for any female attention.

The Grind – We literally hate having jobs and are bad at keeping them. We also may change the lyrics of this song to be sold to a commercial.

Burning Up – “Ah Thankya very much.”

Be Mine – We are very needy.

I Wanna Know – Useless Filler.

I’ll Be Good – Nominated for a grammy, but lost to Rhianna.

Who You Foolin – Tony wrote this song to scare women.

Im Dumb – We’re hella puuuuunnnkkk.

Wanna Be Your Man – Groovy sixties-esque jammer. Recorded in Tony’s kitchen with Derek playing acoustic guitar and singing and Tony playing bongos and singing into one mic. It was a fun sexy time for us.

Sweet Tooth, Facebook
Resurrection Records
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